Administrative Studies Graduate Program

What is the MSAS program?

The Master of Science in Administrative Studies (MSAS) is a cross-disciplinary program which features enhancement of administrative abilities with areas of emphasis in Applied Communication, Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, Environmental Management, Sports Management, and Producing and Screenwriting. The 33-hour program builds upon past work experience, and allows participants to expand their knowledge base, abilities, and skills which can lead to enhanced administrative roles within organizations.

The Master of Science in Administrative Studies may be taken via the Internet. All of the required 24 hours of core courses and the Applied Communication, Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, and Sports Management options are available over the Internet. Currently, the 12-hour Environmental Management option is available only on campus. The Individualized option would depend on the selection of courses chosen.

Administrative Studies Graduate Certificate

A Graduate Certificate in Administrative Studies is also available to those who are seeking professional growth in their vocations but may be lacking formal training in administrative business skills. The 15 credit hour certificate program offers participants a shorter learning experience and is based on courses from the core of the graduate degree program.

Mark your calendar

Spring 2015 semester

  • January 12  - Spring semester begins
  • May 11-14 - Spring Final Exams
  • May 15 - Spring Commencement

MSAS important deadlines

  • The deadline to apply to take the MSAS Comprehensive Examination is March 6.
  • The deadline to submit the list of courses/instructors to be included in the comprehensive exam is March 6.
  • The last date to receive your Comprehensive Examination is April 14.
  • The deadline to submit answers for a MSAS Comprehensive Examination is seven days from when you request the questions, but no later than April 21.
  • The deadline for submission of the Seminar Report Form and research paper is May 14.

Did you know?

According to U.S. Census data individuals in the workforce with a masters degree earned an average of 30% more than those with a bachelors degree (U.S. Census Data, 1998).

This is an average of $10,000 per year ($400,000 lifetime)